About The Company

About The Company

About Berry’s Advocating

Scott Berry began his trek to getting his Certified Medical Office Administration certificate in May 2018.  He is continuing his education to complete his Master’s in Allied Health.  Currently Scott enjoys taking cases which are very difficult to handle however, he will take other easier cases as well.

                The company Berry’s Advocates came together in June of 2018 due to a Linked In message received.  Scott proudly worked several months for his client.  He now is looking for others to help so please do not hesitate to contact him at his personal email address.

Special Niche in the Market

Berry’s Advocating has a special niche in the market which most patient advocate companies  do not cover.  We use Voice Over IP technology to visit with our clients.  The patient doesn’t have to have a specific advocate in one certain area of the country or the world.  We cover multiple areas because of the Internet voice chats.  Berry’s Advocates will come and visit the client based on the needs that the client and advocate decide on together.  For instance, if Berry’s Advocates needs to investigate, gather more information or even if the client asks one of our advocates will visit face-to-face however it must be planned in advance.

                Under certain laws of the Federal, state, county  and world governments, Berry’s Advocating keeps all documents for at least 7 (seven) years.  This ensures a period which allows for any questions to be answered and meets most state, county, federal and world regulations as well.


                Scott Berry was born in Wisconsin and has moved to several different areas of the United States throughout his life including Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.  At an early age of 20 years, he went to college.  At that point in his life, college just wasn’t what the doctor ordered and a spoon full of medicine would have not helped at that time to help the sugar go down.  Scott decided that he should go back to college later in his life and finally found a job position of which he is very proud to hold.  Scott is continuing his education through a master’s degree in Allied Health.  He looks forward to serving his clients in the present and the future.  He is grateful for each client of which he serves.