Our Library

Our Library

Our Public Domain Library

Our Public domain library will have materials to get you started so that you can complete what other extra forms and other tidbits of information you may need.  Our forms at Berry’s Advocates will all be private forms and will not be in the public domain or library.  If there are any items you would like to see in the Download Library please write to the mailto:webmaster(at)berrysadvocating(dot)biz?subject=Ideas for Download Library.

The Forms Which this Library can Incorporate

                We can put many different forms under this library.  They can be federal, state or even county forms.  When sending information in email please incorporate the following information in to your email:

  • Name of form,
  • State, county, federal, country of where form is used,
  • If there are any numbers for the actual form please provide those.  This would be for example a form with a Federal OMB Number.
  • Also please provide notes about when and how this form is to be used.

Other Information

                We will also have other links under our library for your convenience.  These can vary from how to quit smoking to anything that may be useful for health.  Please see the email address above to send suggestions.