Price Packages

Price Packages

Berry’s Advocating Pricing

                                Our pricing is set according to an educational level which means the more education our advocates receive the prices will rise accordingly.  We will firstly have you sign a retainer and depending on the research this cost can vary from $50.00 and upwards.  we will charge $17.00 per hour while at the Bachelor’s degree level.  When the degrees become official or more are obtained the price will rise.  Once Berry’s Advocating has investigated the information provided there will be four pieces of paper which need to be signed and may change either every 6 to 12 months.  Please feel free to ask questions either before or after the case has been taken.  There is no question which is insignificant.  Thank you for your patronage.

Types of Advocate Cases taken

                These are just a few of many types of cases that can be handled by a patient advocate:

  • Medical Terminology Explained
  • Tests:  Help to get results or asking for results.
  • Diagnosis and Procedural coding Explained:  We can examine the codes and tell you what they mean.  We can also tell you if insurance can cover the surgery or appropriate devices.  However, we are not a licensed insurance broker so if you have questions about insurance please visit with your broker or respective healthcare insurance provider.
  • Researching:  This is normally the longest process.  This is where we get all the materials together for the case and then we will start the paper trail rolling.  This can take several months depending on the severity of the case.
  • Privacy Issues Explained:  Here at Berry’s Advocacy privacy is utmost.  We are a small company who cares what’s released.  We can also explain the healthcare privacy policies to family and friends.
  • Looking over your bill:  Here is where we look for codes and those codes will tell us what services are provided.  This can take some time as you need to provide a clear electronically scanned Word document to us for this purpose.  As one of our advocates is totally blind and uses electronic media exclusively.
  • Speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves:  If there are patients who are unable to speak for themselves or are in a hospital under comatose or other reasons for no speech, and you don’t feel comfy with it.  Then give us a shout and we’ll try to help you figure out what’s happening and where to go.  Keep in mind this also can take a while.


Taking the Case

Berry’s Advocating will look at your case and then decide whether it’s something that we can take on and if necessary, we will pass the case on to a third party.  When we speak of third parties we are talking strictly to lawyers to help us achieve what’s best for your family.